Andrew (Andy) Kemal, INFIX Principal Consultant/Founder

Andy is a technology executive who retired after 2 decades at Qualcomm to start INFIX (Kemal Consultants, LLC). As a Senior Director he was leading large (500+) multi-national technology & project teams, and building businesses in the fast paced mobile tech industry. He was involved with pioneering and building Qualcomm’s BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) business in 1999/2000, a precursor to the mobile platforms Android and iPhone, forging the mobile shopping experience for downloadable mobile content that eventually exploded and in which Andy is a patent holder. He has been a leader in technology for 30 years, holding engineering & project management positions in the military, aerospace, and commercial communications industry. Andy is also an accomplished creator & instructor of training materials for both management and engineering topics, a coaching skill he honed over many years for internal departments.

Andy is a philanthropist, board director and adviser, previously serving as President of the board of directors for a private school in San Diego. He held the Treasurer position and was responsible for improving the school’s finances around budgeting, tuition assistance, debt consolidation and purchasing of a High School building. As President Andy improved board and school governance, and provided leadership and management coaching to the executive branch of the school. He also serves as board adviser on a non-profit educational organization and on a for-profit technology services company.

Andy is a current professional member of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMCUSA). He studied Computer Science Technology in Hertfordshire UK, as part of a BTEC award-winning college program sponsored by British Aerospace, graduating in 1988. He is has studied business and IMC Consultant Management at Boulder Colorado (CU).

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Frederick “Earl” Nelson, SC, USN (ret.), MBA
INFIX Consultant & Financial/Contracts/Supply Chains Professional

Earl Nelson is a highly successful and organized professional with 22 years of combined experience in Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Financial Management, and Contracting, in both the Federal and Civilian Sectors. Experienced in managing multi-million-dollar budgets and inventories, leading Supply Department and Logistics personnel to meet the needs of critical and dynamic requirements in a demanding and high operational-tempo environment.

He is a proven leader with active U.S. government Secret Clearance, and significant experience in Executive Consulting, Project Management, Retail Operations, and Food Service.



Jennifer Garvey Infix ConsultantJennifer Garvey, MBA, INFIX Strategy Consultant & Business Operations Professional

Jenn is a business strategy expert with 20+ years’ experience in a variety of industries including high tech manufacturing, medical equipment, hospitality, and professional sports. Raised on the East coast and influenced by a family of educators, she embarked on a lifelong quest for knowledge. Jenn learned to code during her Associate’s degree in Computer & Information Systems, completed a Bachelor’s degree in business, and concluded with an MBA concentrated in organizational leadership. In a previous role, Jenn’s initiatives increased revenue by $6M and decreased monthly costs by over $250K. She has the skill and insight to see the big picture and understand how short-term decisions influence long-term success.

Jenn’s positive attitude and diverse background have enabled her to facilitate change at all levels within an organization, specializing in high production sales and marketing teams. She is versatile and proficient with big data mining and analytics, strategic business processes, compensation theory, and CRM implementations. Jenn’s success lies in understanding the intersection of technology and employee effort and believes in collaborating diverse talent towards common outcomes. Her inclination to fully understand a problem has fostered a culture where team members feel comfortable contributing to ongoing process improvement. Jenn has led many organizational change initiatives with sustainable results including higher revenue streams, lower overhead, leveling up technology, and employee retention. She is an outcome-oriented change agent with a dedication to quality.


Michael SandsMichael Sands, INFIX Consultant & IT Professional

Michael Sands is a seasoned IT professional with 2 decades of experience grown during the Dot Com boom, through the social media emergence, and the mobile technology revolution. He has a background in graphic production, networking and web design, and has worked as a consultant and trainer for web presence, IT solutions and multi-node networking.

Michael has served many clients with e-commerce deployments and IT business solutions, and has built a diverse set of skills that range over a broad area of industries and marketplaces. Michael is extensively travelled and has consulted for international businesses, helping customers to understand and interpret the cultural aspects of their marketplace. He brings a wealth of IT experience and know-how to the table to aide market development through e-commerce.

Michael is also involved with developing new business partnerships and joint ventures in the online application realm.

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Ati MoranAti Moran, INFIX Consultant & Marketing Professional

Ati is a marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of marketing strategies & campaigns for private and public sectors organizations. He has lead multiple projects for businesses in the music industry and the public sector ranging from setting up marketing channels for new album releases for Sony Music to developing strategies to enhance Social Service programs for Riverside County. He is a resilient administrator with a strong sense of priorities, a keen eye for detail, a valued reputation for integrity and strong organization and problem solving skills, and leadership to effectively develop and motivate both colleagues and clients.

Ati is a creative professional with strong analytical skills in the implementation of new products or services, demographics, analysis and research. In addition, he has strong advocacy and public relation skills working with press media, radio and business accounts. He was recognized for multiple awards from Sony Music by exceeding sales levels and awareness with the San Diego business accounts, press and radio outlets.

Ati holds a Bachelor’s Business Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Cal Baptist University. In 2015 he helped launch Heartwork Coffee Bar in San Diego and is also providing outreach/marketing efforts for Medical and Public sectors.


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